Draper Girls Country Farm
Specializing in Non-Pasteurized Apple Cider and U-Pick Produce
At Draper Girls' Country Farm, we take pride in not only our beautiful fruit orchard and fruit stand but also in our farm animals. Our grandfather Roman raised sheep from the time we were little girls until he passed the duties over to our mother Theresa. Our mother has a fond appreciation and love for all animals, she has the heart of a lion.

Theresa supports the local 4-H programs and purchases a sheep from the fair every summer. She and daughter Stefanie have also rescued three horses before they were sent off to the slaughter house.  She enjoys sharing the animals with all visitors who stop at the farm. The animals she brings to the farm to share with visitors, are there for the summer and fall months before they go back to the pastures.

 Some of the farm animals may or may not be at the farm during your visit, if you'd like to know which animals are specifically at the farm for your visit, please call the stand at (541) 352-6625.

Established 1962