Draper Girls Country Farm
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Established 1962
Safety & Use Limitations: (via Tallman Ladder website)

Although our product is very stable when used as intended, for your safety we wish to point out the usage limitations of our product. Although we build our ladders with the finest of materials and workmanship, we recognize that this ladder has limited uses. As with any task, there is the right tool for the job at hand. The Tripod Orchard Ladder is designed for orchard and landscape maintenance use, where it is used on soil or turf type surfaces. The feet and pole of the Tripod Ladder do not have rubber feet, and can not be used on hard surfaces such as floors, concrete, pavement, etc.. There also is not a spreader bar between the main frame of the ladder and the third leg (pole) to keep it from spreading. All three points that come in contact with the ground depend on slight penetration of the turf or soil to remain stable.

The following information appears on our labels.

Inspect ladder upon receipt and before each use. Check to see that all rivets and parts are tight. NEVER USE A DAMAGED, BENT OR BROKEN LADDER. DO NOT USE AROUND ENERGIZED ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT. ALUMINUM CONDUCTS ELECTRICITY. Ladders are designed for one person only. DO NOT OVER LOAD. 
‚ÄčPosition properly: Steps should be level (rails at 72 degrees) and the third leg straight out from center line of ladder on level ground. For hillside use, third leg should be placed uphill. For cross sloping ground, adjust third leg slightly down slope for greater stability. DO NOT OVER REACH and lose your balance. Move ladder closer to your work if you can not keep your belt buckle area between rails. Do not sit on top of ladder, or stand on top two steps. Destroy ladder if exposed to fire, high heat or strong chemicals. Tempered aluminum alloy will lose strength if exposed to the above. Owner of this ladder shall instruct user to proper usage and limitations. This ladder is designed for orchard and landscaping maintenance use only. If used otherwise, to prevent slippage, make sure all three points are on ground or turf, and not on hard surface.