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Draper Girls Cider Co.
Award Winning Cider

At Draper Girls Cider we make a variety of Non-Alcoholic Ciders and Award Winning Hard Cider (Alcoholic Cider.)

 All of our cider products are non-pasteurized and pressed 

onsite from apples and pears grown at Draper Girls Country Farm. 

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About our Cider 

Draper Girls Cider is available in many flavors with alcohol or non alcoholic apple cider. Our Hard Pressed Non-Pasteurized Cider is a true embodiment of farm-fresh goodness, crafted right on-site at Draper Girls Farm. This cider is a testament to the commitment to quality and tradition that defines the farm's standards. By avoiding pasteurization, the cider retains its natural, unadulterated flavors, offering a taste that's as close to biting into a freshly harvested apple as you can get. The hard pressing process extracts every drop of crisp, refreshing juice from a carefully selected variety of apples, resulting in a beverage that's bursting with flavor and character. Each sip carries the essence of the orchard, making it a delightful and invigorating experience for anyone fortunate enough to enjoy it. Draper Girls Hard Pressed Non-Pasteurized Cider is not just a drink; it's a celebration of nature's bounty, skillfully captured in a bottle.

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Award Winning

Draper Girls Cider has won many awards in the cider community including 2018 Best New

Cidery of the Year (Portland International Cider Cup)

Cider Tasting & Sizes

Explore all of our Alcoholic Cider or Non-Alcoholic Cider options for your next visit to Draper Girls!

Cider Tasting Experience

Includes 1oz tastes of all six hard ciders on tap 


Cider by the Glass

10oz Glass of Cider


Bring Home a Growler

64oz, 26oz or 16oz Growlers Available


Lead Cider Maker
Daniel Santacroce & Theresa Draper

How our Hard (Alcoholic)
Cider is Made 

At Draper Girls Country Farm we pride ourself on crafting both apple cider and hard cider with a unique touch, right on our premises. The magic begins during harvest season, particularly around mid to late September, which we consider the best time for cider making. With a selection of nearly 100 different fruits, including a wide variety of apples like Gravenstein, Newtown Pippin, Rome, Winter Banana, Black Twig, Arkansas Black, and traditional cider apples such as Dabinett, Golden Russet, Ashmead's Kernel, and Yarlington Mill, we create ciders that range from sweet to tart, each with its own apple flavor profile. These diverse options allow the farm to produce an award-winning range of ciders that delight the palate with every sip.


A Glimpse into our Cider Process 

Selection and Preparation: The first step is choosing the right blend of apples. At Draper Girls Country Farm we select a mix of cider-specific, dessert, and culinary apples from our own orchard, sometimes focusing on a single variety for a pure flavor or combining them for complex nuances. If a fruity note is desired, such as cherry, we grind or press the additional fruits on-site and introduce them into the apple ferment as a secondary component during the initial fermentation stage.​

Step 1 

Step 2

Fermentation and Flavoring: Post-fermentation, a proprietary yeast is added to the mixture to initiate the transformation process. The resulting cider is then tasted to determine its natural flavor profile. To enhance the taste, back sweetening is employed to add a fruit-forward punch, setting our cider apart from others. The cider is then carefully racked off from the lees into a clean vessel for further maturation.

Step 3

Blending and Kegging: The final step is the art of blending the cider to achieve the perfect balance of flavors. Once the desired blend is achieved, the cider is kegged, making it ready to serve to the customers. This last stage is where the meticulous care in selection and fermentation comes to fruition, culminating in the rich, diverse flavors that our Draper Girls Country Farm ciders are known for.

How it Started

Draper Girls' Country Farm was established in 1962 when Roman and Ann Braun, Theresa's parents, relocated from El Segundo, California to the Hood River Valley. Early on, Roman and Theresa's brother Mark would press fresh sweet apple cider on an old wooden press, selling by the gallon to patrons who visited the farm stand. Making sweet cider remains a family tradition Theresa has carried on since purchasing the farm from her parents in the early 1980's.  Though Theresa's cider making evolved into producing a variety of different flavors using the fruit grown on the property, the farm continues to be a family owned and operated business. 


Owner Theresa Draper's vision of producing small-batch, hand-crafted ciders from the fruits grown and harvested on her farm began in 2011. She was selling a portion of the apple harvest to local hard cider makers and recognized there was a market for hard cider. Theresa shares that it was a natural progression as, she was already operating a successful sweet cider business. She believed she had something special to offer patrons, small- batch, hand-crafted ciders, produced with the fruits grown from her third-generation family farm. As a result, Draper Girls Cider Company was founded by Theresa and her three daughters.


What started as a vision in 2011, became a reality in the fall of 2017 when Draper Girls' Cider Company began offering growler fills at their farm stand. In our first year, Theresa's cidery won the prestigious, Portland International Cider Cup award for Best New Cidery, a gold medal for her Cherry cider and silver for her French Pear. Theresa's love of producing ciders that taste as though they were fresh squeezed right from the trees into growlers is what makes her ciders stand out from the rest.   


Come taste

All the Flavors 

Our Cider flavors are always rotating and changing depending on the season. Since our cider is made fresh on site, we will sell  flavors until they are sold out. Call us to see what flavors are available on any given day! 

Buy it by the glass, taster, or growler to bring home and enjoy with friends. 

Non Alcoholic Standby Flavors:

Famous Apple, Apple Pear , Pear, Sour Cherry, Bing Cherry, Cherry Lemonade

Alcoholic (Hard) Cider Standby Flavors:

Heritage Apple, Dry Apple, Semi Sweet Apple, Mixed Berry, Blueberry Lemon

Cider tasting is available daily at Draper Girls Country Farm.

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