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How to Pick the Perfect Cherry: Tips for Cherry Picking Season 🍒

U-Pick Cherries Open July 4, 2024

As we gear up for cherry picking at Draper Girls Country Farm, we want to make sure you know how to select the perfect cherries. When you arrive at the farm please make sure to check in at the U-Pick Tent with your entire group. We will go over how the picking process works. Here are some tips to think about before your cherry picking journey begins. 

1. Pick with the Stem Attached

One of the key tips for picking cherries is to always select them with the stem attached. Cherries with their stems intact last longer and stay fresher, ensuring that you can enjoy their delicious flavor for a longer period.

2. Look for Darker, Plump Cherries

When selecting cherries, always go for the darker, plump ones. Darker cherries are typically riper and sweeter, offering a more intense flavor. Plump cherries are also juicier, making them perfect for snacking.

3. Inspect the Color

Color is a good indicator of ripeness and quality. Depending on the variety, look for a deep, consistent color. For Rainier cherries, a bright, golden-yellow color with a red blush is ideal. For darker varieties like Bing or Lapins, look for a deep, mahogany red.

4. Store Cherries Properly

After picking your cherries, store them in a cool place, ideally in the refrigerator, to maintain their freshness. Cherries should be kept dry and unwashed until you’re ready to eat them. Washing them too early can cause them to spoil faster.

5. Enjoy the Process

Cherry picking is not just about selecting the perfect fruit but also about enjoying the experience. Take your time, savor the process, and have fun with family and friends. The memories you make while cherry picking are just as sweet as the cherries themselves.

We are excited to welcome you to Draper Girls Country Farm for the 2024 cherry picking season. We encourage you to visit the U-Pick and Seasonal Info section on our website upon arrival, incase you have any questions.

Stay tuned for updates on social media or the website for our U-Pick opening dates on other fruit and more tips on enjoying the best of what our farm has to offer. 

Happy cherry picking! 🍒

-The Draper Girls 



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