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U-Pick Etiquette: Tips for a Respectful Visit to Draper Girls Country Farm

Visiting a U-Pick farm ours at Draper Girls Country Farm is a delightful way to spend your day, immerse in nature, and bring home freshly picked produce. However, with the privilege of picking your own fruits comes the responsibility of respecting the farm and ensuring a pleasant experience for everyone. This article offers guidelines and tips to make sure your visit is both enjoyable and respectful to our third generation family farm.

1. Follow Posted Signs and Instructions: When you arrive at Draper Girls Country Farm, take a moment to read any posted signs or guidelines. Some areas of the farm might be off-limits due to crop rotation, delicate plants, or other reasons. Always follow the farm's guidelines to ensure the sustainability of our crops and the safety of visitors.

2. Handle Fruit and Flowers with Care: Use a gentle touch when picking fruits. Avoid tugging, yanking, or squeezing the produce, which can damage both the item you're picking and the plant it's attached to.

4. Stay on Designated Paths: Stick to designated paths and areas to protect the farm's crops and ecosystem.

5. Supervise Children: U-Pick farms are fantastic places for kids to learn about nature and where their food comes from. However, ensure children are supervised at all times. Teach them the right way to pick fruits and flowers and remind them to be gentle with plants and animals.

6. No Pets in the Orchard: While we all love our furry friends, farms are working environments. Animals can introduce pests or diseases or even damage crops. Please keep pets out of the Orchard areas of the farm.

7. Clean Up: If you purchase cider, drinks, food or other items, make sure to clean up any trash. Let's keep the farm clean and beautiful for everyone to enjoy.

8. Be Considerate of Others: U-Pick farms often attract many visitors, especially during peak seasons. Be patient, offer a smile, and give space to others. Please keep your time on the swing to a respectful limit to let all our guests enjoy it. This ensures everyone has a pleasant experience.

9. Purchase Something: While you're at Draper Girls Country Farm, consider purchasing something from our store. This not only supports the farm financially but allows you to enjoy more of our delicious offerings at home. Please only paying guests in the courtyard area and Orchard.

10. Share Your Experience: After your visit, share your positive experiences on social media or through word of mouth. This not only helps promote Draper Girls Country Farm but also educates others about the importance of supporting local agriculture.

U-Pick farms like Draper Girls Country Farm offer a unique and enriching experience. By following the above guidelines and tips, we can ensure that these farms continue to flourish, offering bountiful harvests and beautiful memories for years to come.



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