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Welcoming Spring on Draper Girls Country Farm!

At Draper Girls Country Farm in Oregon's picturesque Hood River Valley, spring isn’t just a season—it’s a full-on festival of colors, flavors, and fun. From the moment those first apple blossoms open up, offering a fragrant, floral show, you know the farm is buzzing back to life after the cold, quiet winter.

Blossoms and Beginnings

The apple trees really steal the show in early spring. The orchards become a sea of white and pink blossoms, setting a picture-perfect scene right out of a painting. It’s not just a feast for the eyes—those blossoms hint at the juicy apples to come, building anticipation for autumn’s harvest.

The Return of the Farm Animals

Spring also welcomes back the farm animals, our goats returning after winter sheltering. Kids and adults alike love greeting and feeding the resident goats.

A Country Store Full of Local Goodies 

Our farm’s country store comes alive in spring, its shelves stocked with honey, soaps, candles, wool goods, cheese, candies and so much more. Soon followed by those irresistible strawberries and cherries. But that’s not all—you’ll also find homemade jams, jellies, hot sauces, and unique crafts made by artisans from around the valley.

Draper Girls Cider on Tap 

For those who enjoy a sip of something special, we always offer hard cider on tap! Made from the farm’s own apples, it’s crisp, refreshing, and perfect for toasting to the new season. Read more about our cider on our website:

Celebrate Spring at Draper Girls

Draper Girls Country Farm is the place to be if you’re looking to soak up spring in all its glory. Whether you’re picking fresh fruit, sipping on hard cider, shopping for local goods, or just enjoying a day out with the animals, there’s something to make everyone feel a little more connected to nature.

So why not come on down? Experience the blossoms, the buzz, and the beautiful beginnings of spring at the farm. Grab a glass of cider, a basket for picking, and enjoy a day filled with the simple joys of farm life.



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